These are actually from the spring, but for some reason they never got posted.  I've been slacking like woah obviously.on the whole posting thing.  I'm trying hard to get back into it.  This is kind of a feeble attempt, but with everything going on in my life currently, this is the best I've got.  I've been really pro active in trying to get my life organized.  That includes this blog.  I've made a schedule for it so I'm hoping that will keep me on track.  I guess we'll see!

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wardrobeexperience said...

good to read from you again!

love the colours of this outfit!

Sabrina said...

Kaliegh strikes again! Love this outfit and you. Im so glad you are back!!!!

Also, we need to arrange a time to meet either if you are in Chicago or if I ever make it up to MI

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