So today's outfit isn't fall, like, at all.  But I decided to show my support to the gay/lesbian community by wearing purple for the "Erase the Hate!" campaign.  I was on my way home last night and I heard on the radio this story of a gay Boy Scouts leader that was kicked out because of his sexuality.  I was really upset by it  To each their own when it comes to what you believe, but last time I checked discrimination was wrong.  How is someone being gay any more wrong than believing in Buhdda or being a Wiccan?  Oh yeah, I forgot that by him being gay he might 'infect' the young children he's trying to teach and support..  Wait... homosexuality isn't a disease.  That's right...  America the land of opportunity - Unless you're gay.  LAME.
(Cardi, Skirt & Accessories - Target / Shirt - Thrifted / Tights - Claires / Boots - Thanks Mom!)

Erase the Hate!

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Sabrina said...

Amen Sister! Love all the purple, but I disagree this outfit is very Fall. You look great in this color.

JEN said...

im so glad youre posting again! hope we're still on for monday:)

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