Fall Flowers

I've been wearing a lot of black these days.  The days are getting darker and the weather more and more ugly.  But this weekend was unseasonably warm here in Michigan, so I pulled out some brighter colors in honor.  I'm fairly sure this will be the last of the high 50's days so I figured I'd wear this while I could.  We didn't do too much today, just visited my parents, bought my Halloween costume (yay!) and hung around the house.  But like I said, with the nice temperatures, I figured what the hell.
(Cardi - Poof! (@ Frayed) / Dress, Boots & Necklace - Target / Belt - Thrifted)

I did some thrift shopping on Friday and wound up spending like $15 but getting a huge haul!  I purchased 3 new belts; the red one shown here and two others that I'll be showing off later this week.  Also, two new skirts, a hippie-tastic shirt and a surprise item.  I'm hoping I'll be able to show it off before the snow comes, but I'm hoping that I can have some help to make it just right.  Still waiting to hear back so, fingers crossed!

Also better show in this post is the awesome nail polish I picked up last week.  I'm totally in love with this color!  And it matches this dress just perfect.  It's called 'Show Me the Way' by Sinful Colors.  I was looking for a good fall color, but I kept finding so many muted reds and oranges which was not at all my style.  I've never been one to have classic nail colors.  Week before last they were electric blue!  So when I found this one I knew I had to have it.  Its dark enough that it's not really summery but not so dark that it's winterish.  I absolutely love it!  

These are my favorite new boots!  They aren't actually a few weeks old now but obviously I'm just getting back so, they are new to all of you!  I've been wanting over the knee boots since last fall and I finally found some that I couldn't say no to.  The coolest part about these boots though is that they are not just over the knee.  But I'll get to that later this week. ;)

I'm hoping to get in some good Halloween posts this week.  I've got a few theme posts I'm working on so hopefully all goes as planned.  But I've had some pretty serious family stuff come up just today so it's kind of wait and see.  Tomorrow I will be getting together with the lovely Jen F. of Jen All Together and our good friend Danielle, so I'm sure I will have some great photos!  I'm pretty excited to this lady because she lives so far away now, it's a rare occasion.

I hope everyone had a great weekend!

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Sabrina said...

Those boots are F'in AMAZING! So glad you are back

JEN said...

super cute pictures, kaleigh! can't wait to see you tomorrow night! :)

wardrobeexperience said...

those colourful fall flowers are so great-amazing outfit!

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