90's anyone?

Another scheduled post, but at least I'm making an effort!  Hopefully by now I've post a few newer entries by now to show whats going on in my life currently, but if not, at least I have these.  

(Blazer - Thrifted / Shirt - Forever 21 / Necklace - Handmade / Belt - Forever 21 / Jeans - Tyte / Shoes - Borrowed / Purse - Thrifted)

This is also actually a spring outfit from this past April.  Again, for some reason it never made it onto my blog.  I think it was at the beginning of my fashion/all around funk.  Looking at it now, I didn't realize how much i was channeling the 90's.  Between the slight prep school look and the sunglasses and even the straight across bangs, I look like I should be on some ivy league campus studying english or maybe sailing. :)  But I like it.

Thanks to miss KT W. (aka best) for taking these.

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wardrobeexperience said...

really love tis 90s outfit!

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