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So I've had a lot happen in the last week.  Well I guess not a lot, just the loss of my job, but that is a lot in my book.  But now that I have a lot of time on my hands, I thought I would get some posts put together for the off days when I'm too busy cleaning my house or running errands.  I'm pretty much a glorified house wife for now, which turns out, not so much fun. haha

Anyways.  I've been watching a lot of TV as I clean clean clean my house, so I got an idea for the next Top 10 post (which I have so not been keeping up on, but now that I have the time, I will definatly be more diligent!).  Part of my attraction a lot of time to TV shows is the connected between certain characters.  So this is a list of my favorite couples.  Those romances that I just get swept away by every time.  So here we go!

(In no particular order...)

Sookie and Bill
I love TruBlood!  I'm kind of a vampire fanatic, so I was instantly drawn to this show.  But I'm actually more obsessed with the books than the show.  But they could not have picked two better looking people for these parts.  Not too mention, I'm a sucker for a southern accent. ;)  I adore the storyline between these two characters and I can't wait for season four!

Veronica and Logan
'Veronica Mars' was one of my favorite WB shows right after I graduated high school.  I don't know if anyone else knows anything about this how, but I own all 3 seasons so I'm kind of a fan. :)  The characters start off as enemies, but it turns out to kind of be the whole "If you like someone, be mean to them" thing and then end up falling hopelessly into 'epic' love.  Even though at the end of the series they are broken up, I always wanted to believe they'd get back together eventually. :)

Buffy and Spike

'Buffy the Vampire Slayer' is probably my all time favorite show.  Like I said above, I have a crazy obsession with vampire stories, since way before the 'Twilight' phase.  I started watching this show when I was like 13 and always favored Spike over Angel.  So when those two finally hooked up in season six, I was like "WOOT!"  And holy hot hook up!  I won't lie, I teared up at the end of the series when Spike gives his life for her.  Oh yeah, I'm a dork.

Willow and Oz

Again with 'Buffy', Willow and Oz were just plain adorable.  The geeky girl with the sexy, mysterious rock star was just too cute for words.  When Oz left the show, I totally cried.  They were too perfect for each other.

Michael and Maria

The WB was like my favorite channel ever back in the day.  'Roswell' may have been short lived, but it was an awesome show.  Normally I shy away from anything alien related because they honestly scare the crap out of me, but this was actually done really well.  And the love affair between the overly excited and charismatic Maria DeLuca and the brooding bad boy Michael Guerin was just fantastic.  Break up, get back together, break up, get back together over and over.  You never knew where it was going or what would happen.  In the end, even though they were broken up she still left with him.  I'm currently reading the book series that came after the show ended just to see if they end up together! :)
Corey and Topanga

AWE!  I don't know anyone who didn't watch this on TGIF every weekend.  Even though Shawn was the hottie that every girl wanted to date, these two were that that high school, no MIDDLE school couple that was just meant to be.  When they finally got hitched, I definatly cried and was like "FINALLY!"  They were literally just too cute for words.:)

Phoebe and Cole
Going along with my whole supernatural obsession, 'Charmed' was another one of those shows I just couldn't get enough of.  And when Julian McManus joined the show as 'Cole' I was hooked.  I love the storyline between him and Phoebe.  A. They are the perfect looking couple, I mean, they just fit looks wise.  And B. The whole bad guy turned good for the love a woman thing kind gets me every time.  He sadly goes bad again and the charmed ones have to kill him.  A few seasons later though, he comes back and helps Phoebe learn to love again, even though he's stuck in hell just because he loves her so much.  Thats epic. :)

Sonny and Brenda

My mom was an avid soap opera watcher when I was little.  We came home and watched 3 hours of soaps every week night while doing homework and dinner and such.  My favorite was always 'General Hospital.'  It just had the best characters and story lines.  Sonny and Brenda were my all time favorite.  With Soaps, couples change ALL the time, but these two were meant to be.  When she died mysteriously after everything they'd been through, both me and my mom were knee deep in tissues and tears. :)

Sylar and Elle
 I absolutely loved 'Heroes'.  When it came out that it was ending last year, I was soooo bummed.  It had such potential to be such a great show.  Sylar was my favorite.  I think Zach Quinto is an awesome actor and the way he played the character was just amazing.  The whole bad guy struggling with a conscience thing really pulled me in.  As I said before, that kind of gets me every time.  Even though him and Elle were short lived, I really loved them together.  Both of them struggling with whether or not they were bad guys or good was really fun to watch.  When he ended up choosing bad and killing her in the end, I was totally pissed. haha

Matt and Julie
I absolutely love 'Friday Night Lights'.  This has become one of my all time favorite shows.  I love all the characters, the show makes you feel like you really know these characters.  Matt Saracen is like every girls dream guy.  He's sweet, a little shy and that little southern drawl is too cute.  This couple is like the most real.  Plus they are too damn cute.  Even though they broke up last season, I have hope that by the end of the series (which happens to be this season,) they will figure out how in love they are and live happily ever after. :)

So these are my favs.  If you haven't seen any of these shows, I definatly suggest taking a look.  Some of them are little corny, but any of my friends that have watched them with me, we're pretty much instantly hooked.  Enjoy!

Autumn Drab.

The trees are just about bare around here.  I adore fall and am very sad to see it going, but the forecast is calling for possible snow showers tomorrow.  *Sad Face*  I wish I would've gotten my groove back a little earlier in the season.  I have like a million outfit ideas now, but hind sights 20/20 I guess. 

Last week I was in a particularly good mood when it came to fashion.  I had this skirt and the boots on for work, but as the day went on I decided the shirt was not working.  So when I got home, I decided to throw it in my 'Goodwill' bag and try something else.  The gray shirt I'm wearing here is actually a tunic that I spilled grease on and it stained it. :(  It is like my favorite shirt of all time.  It's so flattering despite my curvy figure and I was super bummed when I thought I was going to have to get rid of it.  Instead, I thought, maybe I can re-purpose it!  I'm very happy with the outcome.

(Shirt - Tyte / Skirt - Gifted / Belt - Thrifted / Boots - Deb / Socks - HUSBANDS :) / Necklace - Vanity)

I didn't get a whole lot of pics from Halloween.  I was having too much fun!  So here are just a few quick shots.  My bf and I went to Kalamazoo to take part in some Freaky Friday festivities w/ our other bf KT.  It was a blast.  We ended up going with the whole "Wonderland" theme and we ran with it.

Then for Saturday, Lo and I dressed up as 40's Pin Up girls.  I loved it!  Thigh high nylons. YUM.

(Please ignore my shit show mess of a house.)
My dad decided I looked like Garcia from 'Criminal Minds.'  haha  While I was at the bar we ran into this girl that we dressed all goth with the black pig tails and school girl skirt.  No one seemed to be able to figure out who she was.  My dad (being the TV-aholic that he is,) with out missing a beat goes, "Abby."  The girl got all excited because someone finally recognized her.  So we had 'Garcia' (Criminal Minds) and 'Abby' (NCIS) at the bar that night.  There are pictures, but I didn't know the girl, so I doubt I'll ever see them. But it was funny. :)

Hope everyone had a great Halloween weekend!

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