Wednesday. Yep.

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 So today is Wednesday.  Yep.  Thats basically how I'm feeling today.  Very blah.  I think it's the weather.  I don't really have much to say.  One more day of work and the birthday festivities commence.  
Thursday - Dinner with the family. Then Team Trivia w/ my bff Jill and a couple other girly friends.  I'm actually really smart (or I just know A LOT of random facts,) so I do pretty well with trivia!  
I have Friday off this week so I plan on sleeping in.  Doing a little light shopping.  I really want to find a dress for Saturday night at the casino.  I feel like since it's my birthday I can totally get away with being WAY over dressed.  So I plan on taking advantage of it.

So here's today's work outfit.  Nothing special.  New skirt by Converse from Target.  I go in that place for shampoo and deodorant and walk out with a new dress, a new skirt and new tights.  And that happens EVERYTIME!  I really should know better than to go in there by myself.  Anyways.  I love the skirt, but I think it needs to be taken in just a bit.  I feel like it might make me a little frumppier than I originally thought.  But I absolutely LOVE these tights!  When I wear them with brown shoes, they look brown.  But when I wear them with black shoes, they look black!  It's perfect.  I must go purchase more in various other patterns and colors. :)


(Purple Cardi / White Sleeveless Top / Converse Grey Skirt / Black Polka Dot Tights / Brown Oxfords / Old Navy Scarf / Forever 21 Layered Necklace)

I just had to take a few pics of my little puppy.  She was looking so cute all curled up on the chair.  Introducing Bella Monster:

Also know as: Bella Bubbles, Bella Bubbas, BooBoo Skins. :)
I FINALLY got a new memory card so I will hopefully have a big ol' update of family dinner photos and birthday night out.  Hope everyone has a good night!


4 things to say:

Tieka, Selective Potential said...

Darling outfit! I love everything! ...and what an adorable dog! I can't wait to get a puppy. We're waiting until after I graduate so we have more time!

ilfashion said...

thanks hun!
just be sure to put all your shoes in a place that your puppy can't get to them! I came home today to one of the shoes above chewed up. grr.

Anonymous said...

i love your tights!

Sabrina said...

1st: Your dog is so adorable!!

2nd: I am the same way with Target. My husband constantly makes fun of me. He will send me in the store for one thing and I come out with two bags of clothes.

3rd: I love the skirt on you, the high waisted look is perfect.

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