Birthday Weekend!

I spent this whole weekend with some really awesome people, celebrating my birthday!  Thursday night I went out with my gal pal Lo for a pre-bday coffee date.  We ate some food, had some laughs and then drove the extra long scenic route home having a little sing-a-long to all the classics.  There was some Yellowcard, the Used, Armor for Sleep and even some Eve 6! :)  Then she decided she wanted her hair chopped off, so I gave her a quick cut.  It looks adorable and can be seen in the pics below.

Friday night was my night to celebrate with my friends.  The roads were awful and a lot of people couldn't make it out, which was sad, but I still had a GREAT time.  We met up at the little hole in the wall bar by our house.  We figured that we if anyone had too much, we could just walk back to our house and crash. :)  I've been waiting to wear this dress that I got last weekend at Target.  It was a super awesome deal and I love the shade of purple in the top.  I felt like it wasn't quite appropriate for the winter season (more accurately the blizzard we were having that night,) so I added the jacket to try to complete it.  I love the way it looks on me.  I'm not the skinniest girl out there, so when I find something that really compliments and almost appears/feels to slim me down, I'm always a fan! :)  I had planned on wearing my new sheer polka dot tights, but sadly, I ran them the last time I wore them.  I was super bummed til I realized these tights were the exact shade of purple as the top.  Win!  So here are a couple outfit shots and some more from the night.

(Thrifted Polka Dot Jacket / Target Purple&Grey Dress / Wet Seal Houndstooth Belt / Target Purple Tights / Black High Heel Boots / Target Silver&Black Layered Necklace / Tiffany & Co. Silver ID Tag Necklace)

Here is my lovely husband, Jacob!


Party Time!

BFF Jen H.
 Jen H. & KT W.


+ JCherry
+ Lo Yonk
Our Boys.
Ben B., Jacob, & Brandon H.
                                                                                        + Crazy Dave

Saturday night, for my actual birthday mi madre got us a room at the Little River Casino in Manistee, MI.  It was a blast.  I'd never been before so it was a real trip for me.  I played the slot because I was way too intimidated by the tables.  I love me some black jack, but not when I'm spending $10 just to sit down!  Unfortunately my husband and I were still recovering from the night before so we managed to forget the chargers for our phones, computer AND camera, so no photos were taken. :(

Hope everyone had a great weekend.  Back to work bright and early.. yuck. Night!

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Britty said...

the party look fun and i like your outfit!

M. said...

your outfit is so cute, I love the purple!

lovelove, m.

Mallory said...

you are too cute!! love your style!

Senorita Fashionista said...

Very cute outfit! Loving that belt.

Kelly said...

I so dig that belt! (and I really like the houndstooth with purple!)

fashionjunkie said...

Very cute outfit and lovely pictures!

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