Moody Monday

I hate Mondays. It's always the longest day of the week for me. I trained our intern today on doing interviews. It was a long process. It's not really something you can teach, you just have to do it. But anyways. I work up really early today so I took some time getting ready this morning. This is what I came up with.

( TRAMP Red & Black Plaid Wrap Around dress / Charlotte Russe Black Lace Trim Cami / Target Black Lace Tights / Black Lace Up Ankle High Heels w. Embellished Trim)

I love this dress. I feel so much better with a wide neckline and I feel like it really helps downplay my chest. Please ignore my crazy faces. I really need to find someone to take my photos for me so that I can get some more flattering angles. :)

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JEN F. said...

hey kaleigh! i'm super excited to follow your blog :)

ilfashion said...

Hey Jen! Thanks hun! I don't know how i feel about this whole fashion blogging thing but I'm gonna give it a whirl and see what happens.

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