Mardis Gras!

Happy Mardis Gras!
So I got up this morning knowing I really wanted to wear these new purple tights I bought a few weeks ago. I've been looking through my closet for the right thing and I decided it would work best with something black. Suprise! But once I got the dress on it just didn't look right so I added an equally bright scarf and it still didn't feel like it all tied in. So I added my skinny belt, which made me feel a little better, but still just not right. I almost took it all off and started over when I saw this short purple scarf I had forgotten all about and I had an idea. So here it goes...

(Vintage Black Pencil Dress / Target Purple Tights / Payless Black Strappy "Sling Backs" / Old Navy Yellow Scarf / No Name Purple Scarf / Forever 21 Black Braided Skinny Belt)

Finally happy with it, I threw on my coat and headed to work. While on lunch I stopped in to get a paczki, for Fat Tuesday, and the cashier laughed at me. She said, "Well, don't you look like Miss Mardi Gras herself?" I had kind of a blond moment and just smile and said thank you. While I was walking out, I caught my reflection in the glass and started laughing. I totally color coordinated with the holiday, completely on accident!

I'm completely in love with these shoes! They are so glam yet so comfortable. I can totally walk around all day in them and not want to cut my feet off by the time I get home. It's awesome. I was amazed to find them at Payless!

I even had my nails painted a yellow gold and royal purple eye shadow on top of everything else. It was pretty silly. Then at work my co-worker decided I reminded her of super hero with my bright yellow and purple so there were several wise cracks made about that all day. All in all a pretty funny day.


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