Coffee date on a Friday Night

I thought I was going out for drinks with my a few girl friends, but everyone ended up having to bail for some reason or another.  So my good friend Jake got a hold of me and we decided to have coffee.  Grabbed a late dinner and after some deep conversation and one very awkward moment, we decided we wanted that drink!  

We ended up stopping at Moz bc there was a charity even going on for a really good cause.  We figured we could get a drink and do some good.  Win!  The event was a drag show.  But the twist was they took 4 non-drag queens and made them over into extermely out there drag queens!  It was hilarious!  They had to dance for dollars!  All the money they raised went to Every Woman's Place, which is a crisis center for a battered and abused woman.  They raised a ton of money by the time we left and they still had 4 more dances to do!  It was a really great idea and one of the funniest things I've seen in quite a while. 

I thought I was just going to the Pub for casual drinks, so I went with a simple outfit.  I'm in love with this necklace.  I put it on everyday this morning hoping it would match perfectly with everything.  Of course it didn't but I tried anyways. :)  


I'm going birthday shopping with mi madre today.  I'm pretty excited.  We're supposed to go to Grand Rapids and check out some of the strip malls and see what good steals we can find!

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JEN F. said...

you look adorable in these 2 photos!

ilfashion said...

thank you hun! I feel so much more like myself w/ my blond hair again. :)

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