Spring Preview

So my mom dropped off a bunch of old skirts that she doesn't wear anymore. They don't fit me right as skirts so I decided to turn a few of them into skirt dresses instead. Below are the results...

(Forever 21 Black Sleeveless Vest / Black&White Bohemian Print Skirt Dress / Black Wide Belt / Forever 21 Layered Neckalce / Payless Strappy "Sling Backs")

(Decree Dark Denim Jacket / Navy&Gray Shirt Dress / Forever 21 Black Braided Skinny Belt / Black Knee High Boots)

(Forever 21 Black Sleeveless Vest / Bohemian Shirt Dress / Forever 21 Black Braided Skinny Belt / Black Mid Rise Boots)

Obviously these are not exactly fit for Winter Michigan weather. So I'm calling it my spring preview. I'll be wearing these a lot next season I'm sure. I can't wait for warmer weather!

Today was a really crazy day at work so I'm kind of exhausted right now. After work I did stop into Curves, just to check it out. It's not flashy or anything, but a 30 minute regimented work out 3x a week sounds pretty good to me actually. I do need a buddy though. I know myself and I won't go if I don't have someone to motivate me. And motivated someone else will keep me in check! Hopefully JCherry will join me and we'll both skinny up just in time for the warm weather! Now I've gotta get myself in gear and get some housework done before the hub gets home. Have a good night!


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wardrobeexperience said...

thanks for commenting on wardrobe experience...

gorgeous looks, girl! I can't wait to see more styles... : )


ilfashion said...

awe thanks!

Candycane said...

I love thwe one with the denim jacket - so cute!

Also love your hairstyle - ive just a had a similar bob myself!!

CC xXx

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