New Clothes Make Monday's Better

So went shopping with mi madre yesterday for my upcoming birthday.  It was disappointing to say the least.  Why is it when you have money to spend, you can't ever find anything?  At the mall I picked up this new belt.  It was on sale and it was buy one, get the 2nd for a penny at Wet Seal, so I picked up a matching hat.  We also stopped into Bath and Body Works, since I had a gift card.  Picked up some Japanese Cherry Blossom lotion and body spray.  I also stumbled on a scent I hadn't seen before.  Twilight Woods.  Fantastic.  So I picked that up too. :)  And that was it.  The whole mall and that's all I could find.  Sad, really.  We went to Kohl's after that.  I usually have pretty good luck there, but once again disappointed. Til we made our way to the shoe department.  They had some pretty good sales going so I picked up these boots and a pair of lace up brown high heel shoes.  So I did get a few good buys, but definatly not what I was hoping for.

(OldNavy White V-Neck Tunic / Thrifted Black Pencil Skirt / Wet Seal Black&White Houndstooth Belt / Target Lacey Tights / Candies Tan Boots)


As I said before, my birthday is coming up so that usually means gift cards to do some more shopping with!  Hopefully I will have more luck.  I still have to find a fancy dress for this weekend.  My husband and I are going to the casino up north for the night and I've never been.  So I'm taking advantage of the event and getting all sorts of dressed up!  Lots of pictures to come!  Now I'm going to finish watching "Who Framed Roger Rabbit?" It's a favorite. <3


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Tieka, Selective Potential said...

Darling outfit! Lovee those tights! Can't wait to see you in a couple of weeks!

ilfashion said...

Thanks Tiek!
I'm sure excited about your party. <3

JEN F. said...


ilfashion said...

thanks babe!

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