Quick Update:

I am terribly sorry for no posts for like a week now! Ah!  We've been house sitting for my mother, who flew off to Florida with out me.  :)  But it's still a pretty good deal.  I love my mom's house.  It's so light and airy with it's billion windows and being right on the lake.  I have some outfit shots, but sadly my mom has mobile wireless, meaning she took it with her out of town.  But this weekend I plan on stopping at home to pick up some laundry, so hopefully I will have some time then for a nice update.

I'm also going to get started on a long await project this weekend.  I'm super pumped about it and hopefully will have something to show for it next week.  Possibly even my very first giveaway may be involved! ;) HINT: Some soldering may be required...

Hope everyone is having a great week!

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