Been far too long.

I've been an awful blogger as of late.  Between getting the stomach flu and my trip to Kzoo, I've just been exhausted.  Sadly, this post is going to be short and sweet too.  I've got a going away party for my husband's cousin and one of our best friends. :(  It's super sad and I know the hub is bummin pretty hard.  So a quick photo update on a few outfits from the last few weeks.  

These are actually the shores I wore on my wedding day.  I left them at my parents house after the reception and forgot all about them.  My step mom found them in the back of her closet the other day.  I was super pumped!  I love wedges.  The whole 70's throw back just gets me. :)

(Sweater - Miley Cyrus w/ Max Azria @ Walmart / Shorts - Old Navy / Belt, Shoes, Earrings - Target / Necklace - Forever 21 / Sunglasses c/o Dustin Johnson)

 I'm in love with this sweater.  The color, the fit, the material; all of it.  The shorts I'm still on the fence about.  This is the first time I've worn short shorts bare legged in forever.  But I kind of like them.  I mean I really like them, but I'm working up to being completely comfortable in them.  Wearing the with high heels helps, because I feel like it's stretches me out, slimming like.  

Tomorrow I will be really revealing my project I've been working on.  I finally have some good pictures to illustrate.  I hate to make everyone wait again, but that's just how it is due to my time constraints tonight.  I'm off to get ready.  I have to put together something that is fashionable, yet warm and comfy for a bonfire...   Bonfire chic? :)

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JEN F. said...

i love that abstract floral print on your top! so cute.

HAILEY said...

Hey! I found your blog! and it is super cute!

Candycane said...

I love your black wedges!

CC xXx

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