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So this past week I house sat for my mom.  It was kind of really nice being in the house I sort of grew up in.  She turned my old room into a gigantic walk in closet!  About 50 purses from Coach to Prada to fabulous knock offs.  I of course borrowed several over the week. :)  And closet full of clothes, all ripe for the pickings.  I've got a billion pictures for put up, but I'm just doing a quick update because we have friends coming over tonight and I have to pick up our mess of a house.  

Thursday night I was rummaging around in my mom's 'closet' and found this awesome dress with a kind of retro asymmetrical pattern.  And it's shades of green!  I love green.  I have super blond hair, usually this color washes either washes me out or gives my skin a sort of seasick green look.  But i felt like this was ok because of the brown mixed in.  
(Dress - Liz Claiborne / Belt - Target / Shoes - Unlisted / Neckace - Target / Sunglasses - Rays Mini Mart :) )

These shoes have been in my mom's closet collecting dust for a year now.  Still had the tags on, never been worn.  I decided due to the BEAUTIFUL weather we were having last week, that the needed to be broken in. If she's not going to wear them, I for sure will give them some love.  And I stopped at the gas station on my way home for work.  This gas station always has awesome, out there sunglasses.  I figured since I was in retro-mode already, the sixties style glasses would be the perfect match.  I think I was right. ;)

We got out taxes back this weekend so I made a few purchases that I'm kind of pumped about.  I'll be sure and post them later this week.  I will tell you that I bought something that I didn't think in a million years I would ever buy.  A ROMPER!  For one because one pieces on me make me giggle and for two, because they are shorts related.  I have not worn shorts that actually show off anything above the knee in YEARS.  Literally, years.  I can't remember that last time I bought a pair of short shorts.  But it really is super cute.  There is a funny story to go with it, but I'll save that for the next post. hehe

Hope everyone had a fantastic Easter and a great weekend! 

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Sabrina said...

BEAUTIFUL!!!! I love the print of this dress and the cut and style. You look so great!

I want a pair of those sunglasses, you seriously need to mail me a pair.

alya said...

I love where you belted the dress.

And I too just purchased my first romper and was surprised by how damn cute it was...so I can't wait to see how you style yours!

Katie, Tinda Keelie said...

this dress is gorgeous!!!!

JEN F. said...

cute dress! aw, i miss that lake!

Bad Taste Toast said...

Oooh it's you :) I almost didn't recognize you since I saw your chictopia banner! Cool to meet so many chictopians here! :)

Tieka, Selective Potential said...

Love these photos!! Such a cute dress! Did you take these with a new camera?? Ah! Adore you <3

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