The Fabulous Sugar Doll Blogger Award

Thanks so much to Waredrobe Experience  for giving me this super sweet award!  YOU are the doll my dear. :)
This is how it works: I tell you 10 things about myself, and then send the award to 10 fellow bloggers ..
1. I've been addicted to clothes and shopping as far back as I remember
2. But I'm also completely obsessed with music.  I love going to and search new bands and find "like" bands and giving a listen.  I listen to Pandora Radio alllllll the time at work just to see what new stuff I can find.
3. I prefer skirts and dresses to jeans.
4. I will admit it openly, I love vampire stories.  From Anne Rice to Twilight, I'm strangely obsessed.  I will read any vampire related book or watch any related movie's I can get my hands on.  Weird? Yes. But I'm also a HUGE history kid, so I think that's part of my attraction.  The idea of a being living through and/or being a part of all these various historical events is just mind blowing to me.
5. On lazy Sundays, my husband and I watch the History Channel or Discovery Channel.  We like seeing what things used to be like and how things work. We're basically geeks.
6. I'm a huge fan of Hollywood.  I love movies and celebrities.  I watch Entertainment Tonight regularly.  
7. I've secretly hoped I would be discovered someday and become a major Hollywood actress. :)  I've always loved acting but was always to scared of rejection that I never did anything with it.  It is honestly one of my biggest regrets. 
8. I love my husband dearly, but I also love my alone time.  I enjoy it being just me in the house.  Able to do the dishes in my underwear or watch/listen to whatever I want.  I'm fairly introverted, which is weird because if you ask most of my friends they would totally say the exact opposite. 
9. I am a HUGE fan of cooking!  I love to experiment with spices and out-there recipes.  And surprisingly, I'm pretty good at it!
10. I hate snow.  Thank goodness it's spring!

And my winners are..

Outfit this evening!

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Sabrina said...

THank you for passing it on to me. So sweet!!!

Kelly said...

Aw thank you for tagging me!

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