Back in Action.

I promised an awesome entry and I'm about to provide.  Well, not awesome like mind blowingly cool or anything, but it's got lots of pictures! :)

So we've been redoing our kitchen hallway and I've been sick so I've been seriously neglecting my blogging.  I am officially back in action.  Below are a few different shots from the last two weeks.  Work has been a crazy boat these days.  With the economy picking up, temp services are actually starting to make money again!  Yay!  But that also means some seriously long work days.  Ok enough of me complaining though...

 (Urban Outfitters Black Boyfriend Sweater / Black Floral Print Dress / Charlotte Russe Black Lace Cami / Target Sheer Black Polka Dot Tights / Payless Black "Sling Backs" / Target Black Layered Necklace / DG Red Sunglasses)

I wore the above to Tieka of Selective Potential 's Dove Sponsored Oscar Viewing Party on Sunday.  I had such a great time!  We ate yummy taco's and deserts.  None of us seemed to know what the deserts were, but we all agreed they are absolutely amazing.  The photos above are courtesy of Andrea of Blonde Bedhead !  She's a fantastic photographer and actually made me feel totally comfortable.  We had lots of fun making fun of the commentators during the pre-show who basically should've just stuck their feet in their mouth from the start.  For attending we received free samples of Dove Visibly Smooth and nifty necklaces from EnBeadia of Chicago.  I've known Tieka for a few years, but after getting married and growing up in general, we sort of drifted.  But fashion has seemed to bring us back, which I am beyond happy about.  It's good to have good girlfriends like that.

(Black&Red Checked Fidora / Thrifted J. Crew Black Blazer / Charlotte Russe Red, Ruffle Trim Shirt / Bullhead Black Skinny Jeans / Black High Heel Boots / CHEAP Black Aviators)

(Urban Outfitters Black Boyfriend Sweater / Guess White Emblished Tank Top / Angel Dark Denim Skinny Jeans / Payless Brown Oxfords / Target Black Layered Necklace / Forever 21 Gold Owl Necklace)

(Charlotte Russe Pink Parcute Sleeve Top / Thrifted J. Crew LBD / Betsy Johnson Nude Tights / Payless Black Loafer Wedges / Forever 21 Layered Necklace )

(Thrifted H&M Black Blazer / American Apparel Black Top / BDG Black Stretchy Belt / Target Black Floral Print Skirt / Betsy Johnson Black Tights / Thrifted Black Lace Up Boots / EnBeadia Neckalce)

This was my outfit for today.  I've been eying this skirt for weeeeeks at Target and I finally picked it up last weekend.  I was super pumped to finally wear it.  I wore it out to the Bike Time Winter Bash last Saturday and stuck out like a sore thumb.  But I didn't care, because I think it's super flattering.  These boots are also like my all time favorite.  They are super comfortable and I just adore lace ups!  And check out my greatest purchase of possibly all time.  A pristine H&M blazer that I picked up at a thrift store for, get this... $5.99! Omfg.  Seriously!?  It's a bit too small, because I have a larger chest, but I never button blazer's anyways so. :)


 And here is what I look like after I get home for work and do dishes and laundry and such. :)

Good Night All!

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Sabrina said...

I love all your outfits, but the floral print skirt is my favorite. I love it so much!!!!

JEN F. said...

you are so adorable in that floral print skirt! my fave for sure!

daisymay said...

Love your polka dot tights and the cute floral skirt!

alya said...

Yes, that Target skirt IS very, very flattering on you. I've been debating buying it for about a week now; you're like the fifth blogger I've seen sporting it and also the fifth blogger who's looked fabulous in it. I know what IIIII'mmmm doing tomorrow morning. ;)

Draft of Vintage said...

LOVE that floral skirl- looks great with the blazer!

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