Quick Update:

A lot has happened the last few days.  Ok not really a lot, mainly me starting a new job.  Which is super awesome, but sadly is really more of a jeans and tee shirt type of place, so my outfits haven't exactly been 'blog worthy.'  This also has put me in a position where I sadly have to bow out of my 30 for 30 challenge.  I'm in no mood to work all day and then come home, change my clothes and take photos on top of attempting to get my wifely duties done, like cleaning, laundry, dinner, etc.  So, though I hate to do it, because I was just starting to get back into the swing of things, I am bailing. :(

I will be updating the blog though as often as possible.  With this job, I'm going to have to explore the more casual side of fashion.  I work with sewing machines and such, so loose clothing is not really a good idea.  And heels are a 'hell no,' because I'm on my feet all day, running around.  So I'm literally entering territory I have no inhabited in quite a while.  Jeans, flats and casual tops... This could be the most interesting challenge yet!

 I am posting a few pics from last week that I never had the chance to.  Enjoy!

 (Cardi - Gift / Dress, Tights, Necklace - Target / Socks - tights converted to socks / Shoes - Payless)

I hope everyone is well and enjoying the winter weather.  I hope it's not as cold as it is here!
<3 Kaleigh Ann

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Sarah said...

These shoes are really cool. I like them with the socks as well. To me it has almost a witchy feel, which is a good thing. I like it.The dress is awesome as well.


wardrobeexperience said...

merry christmas!

love those juicy colours in this outfit! and those shoes are brilliant.


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