Winter Wishlists!

Thanks to my new found love affair with, I decided to take the time to put together my Winter Wishlists for some of my favorite stores.  Once again (pretty much as always) ModCloth takes the cake with the best and most 'wishes.'  I wish they weren't so expensive so that I might be able to actually make a few purchases this year!  I did speak to my husband though and any cash or checks I receive this year, I can spend on whatever and where ever I want so.  Hopefully they stay in stock for just a few more weeks!

Rue 21
 It's not the classiest store ever, but more often than night I find really good buys for really cheap!  So if you are sale shopper or penny pincher like me, you should for sure check them out.  Word of caution though, there are a lot more options in store than online.


I always have a hard time with this store.  Their size range all over the place and being a larger girl, it's usually hit or miss.  But these are styles I'm loving right now.  I never order online with them, always an in-store purchase if any.

Urban Outfitters

I was pleasantly surprised at Urban this year.  Normally I find very few things that I'm in love with enough to even consider purchasing.  Everything on this list I would buy in a heart beat if the $$ was available.

Strangely enough, I usually always find a billion things here that I want and this year, not so much.  Not to say they don't have really appealing things, but just not very much I was in love with.  Although, the yellow coat is definatly on my list for favorite outerwear pieces so far.
And last, but most definatly not least....


I love everything on this list.  EVERYTHING.  I will for sure be purchasing the tights and the ring, if someone (*hint hint Jacob!*) doesn't buy them for me first.  If only everything wasn't so expensive...  But the striped dress is for sure on my list.  My husband's grand parents usually give us cash for christmas so I'm thinking that that is where it will be going. :)
What is everyone else wishing for this Christmas??

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