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I know it's been way too long.  I'm just too tired after work these days to even attempt to do any outfit shots.  So instead I put together a polyvore set to show what I've been buying and wearing these days.  I've picked up things I'd never normally pick up.  Tee shirts and hoodies and a pair of light wash flare jeans!  Strangly I'm enjoying this new style.  It's laid back and comfortable.  I sort of feel like "High School Kaleigh" circa 2000-2004 when I look in the mirror.  Haha. :)

You will be happy to know tho that on the weekends I have been making attempts at upping my fashion game.  New Years Eve I had a GREAT outfit that I will don again and get some photos.  I picked up a pair of combat style lace up boots.  I've been wearing the hell out of them! :)  I promise to get some photos up soon!  Hope all is well with everyone! <3

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