While I am getting used to this new "casual" thing, I'm still not satisfied.  I'm in search of new casual looks that are still ultra chic.  I'm falling into this routine of t-shirts and jeans and my Puma's.  AND I AM NOT OK WITH IT.  My fashion bar has dropped beyond low and I've gotta do something to pick it up back up.  I need ideas guys!  So here's my question:

How do you spruce up jeans and still work in a casual environment?

Post pictures, ideas, whatever!
Playing around on, these are a few ideas running around my head...

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maggeygrace said...

I'm having a similar issue of sorts. I didn't bring my dresses to college with me and now I don't know how to style my jeans every day! It isn't as much fun, if you ask me:)

Candycane said...

Love the 2nd inspiration board!

Sal x

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