Way Away, Away From Here...

It's been entirely too long.  
My life has literally been turned upside down.  Black is white, light is dark and all that sort of thing.  I got really great news, then really awful news and then even more awful news.  When it rains it pours I suppose.  In all the craziness that is currently my life, this blog just wasn't a priority.  I'm not sure that I'll be able to make it a priority again, but I'm going to try.  I need a project and I think this might be just the thing to keep me busy and focused and not obsessing over everything going on around me.  My camera still sucks, so I make no guarantee's on the quality of the photos, but I am going to try try try like hell to keep up and stay active.
I was going to upload a few pictures from before my unintentional sabbatical, but apparently my camera batteries are dead so that will have to wait til tomorrow. So instead I will leave you with the best picture I've ever had taken in my whole life.  Enjoy. :)

Future Fashion Icon
Due October 7th, 2011 

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Jen said...

So excited for you!!!!! I can't wait to see your cute little baby come October! You should post some more pregnant pictures because I bet you're adorable!

Sabrina said...

This is amazing. congratulations (a year late). I just had my first little on last month. Motherhood is amazing

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