Summer Flower.

I'm a bit behind on my posts.  I found this dress at Target, on sale of course, and of course just had to have it.  The colors are just fan-fricken-tastic.  So very bright and eye catching.  Plus, I love yellow.  I'm a bit pressed for time yet again today, so onto the pictures!

(Dress - Target / Tee - American Apparel / Belt - Target / Shoes - WALmart / Necklace - Forever 21)

These pictures aren't the best, but I was being eaten alive by mosquito's while taking them, so I was kind of rushing it.  It's been like a 100 degrees here, so the bugs are intense in the wooded areas, on top of the blistering heat.  I have like a million bug bits.  So flattering. haha

Off to go do some hair for my girlfriend that insists on doing it herself and then calling me after to say, "Help!  Fix it please!"  :)  Some people never learn...

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Sabrina said...

Love this dress and Love the styling! The belt and shoes are fantastic with it.

You look stunning!

I totally understand what you mean about the mosquito's. They have gotten 100 times worse in this humid weather. I can't step outside for more than five seconds until I am eaten alive.

Martwa Marta said...

amazing dress! love the print on it!

wardrobeexperience said...

such a cute summer dress. its colours are just amazing!

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