Autumn Drab.

The trees are just about bare around here.  I adore fall and am very sad to see it going, but the forecast is calling for possible snow showers tomorrow.  *Sad Face*  I wish I would've gotten my groove back a little earlier in the season.  I have like a million outfit ideas now, but hind sights 20/20 I guess. 

Last week I was in a particularly good mood when it came to fashion.  I had this skirt and the boots on for work, but as the day went on I decided the shirt was not working.  So when I got home, I decided to throw it in my 'Goodwill' bag and try something else.  The gray shirt I'm wearing here is actually a tunic that I spilled grease on and it stained it. :(  It is like my favorite shirt of all time.  It's so flattering despite my curvy figure and I was super bummed when I thought I was going to have to get rid of it.  Instead, I thought, maybe I can re-purpose it!  I'm very happy with the outcome.

(Shirt - Tyte / Skirt - Gifted / Belt - Thrifted / Boots - Deb / Socks - HUSBANDS :) / Necklace - Vanity)

I didn't get a whole lot of pics from Halloween.  I was having too much fun!  So here are just a few quick shots.  My bf and I went to Kalamazoo to take part in some Freaky Friday festivities w/ our other bf KT.  It was a blast.  We ended up going with the whole "Wonderland" theme and we ran with it.

Then for Saturday, Lo and I dressed up as 40's Pin Up girls.  I loved it!  Thigh high nylons. YUM.

(Please ignore my shit show mess of a house.)
My dad decided I looked like Garcia from 'Criminal Minds.'  haha  While I was at the bar we ran into this girl that we dressed all goth with the black pig tails and school girl skirt.  No one seemed to be able to figure out who she was.  My dad (being the TV-aholic that he is,) with out missing a beat goes, "Abby."  The girl got all excited because someone finally recognized her.  So we had 'Garcia' (Criminal Minds) and 'Abby' (NCIS) at the bar that night.  There are pictures, but I didn't know the girl, so I doubt I'll ever see them. But it was funny. :)

Hope everyone had a great Halloween weekend!

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Sabrina said...

I seriously am in LOVE with your skirt!! that print is fabulous.

I wish I would of dressed up for Halloween. You look like you had such a great time.

Sarah said...

cute look. I really love your skirt. Your boots are great as well. A perfect look for fall.

wardrobeexperience said...

this snake print skirt is just great. the whole outfit looks so gorgeous...

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